Brandon “Bear” Wade is an Award-winning filmmaker, creative director, and brand developer who has a knack for making small businesses look like big-time industry leaders.

He is based out of Saint Louis, Missouri and serves clients all over the country. He generally works in the mediums of film, photography, graphic design and website design but excels when crafting them all together. He has been the creative director for many small to medium size businesses over the past two decades.

His most notable achievement is his production of the award-winning PBS documentary entitled: Paving the Way, which has been airing nationally (and in Canada) since its premiere in 2009. When he isn’t in the studio or traveling, he enjoys woodworking, being in nature and sipping on iced tea (unsweet).

You can learn about his work by visiting one of the buttons at the top of the site, including his past films and current companies.

He lives with his wife Jennifer and two boys.

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